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Notes from the future nutritionist
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Feb 2018

Ever think of trying the diet everyone’s talking about? Maybe detox juice?

I’ve always been interested in healthy food. When I’m older, I wish to be a successful and wide-known nutritionist who inspires everyone! My parents would be so proud.

Right now, I’m thinking of going to a university in Canada…or Australia. I haven’t decided yet. Both sound very promising.

Anyway, guys. Let me share you my go-to healthy recipes. The ingredients are so easy to find. Hope these will inspire you and make your life healthier.

BREAKFAST (never ever skip this)

– Healthy Smoothie Bowl (mostly dragon fruit smoothie, with sliced fruits like kiwi and strawberry as the toppings. This bowl definitely improves my digestion.)

– Cereals that contain whole grain would be nice to replace the carbs if you’re avoiding eating rice, especially on a long day (You’re going to get lots of energy from those cereals.)

– Simply just milk with bread


Eat a normal portion of the meal (proteins like chickens and carbs like rice) as afternoon activities waste a high amount of energy. Remember to not eat junk foods, because, from the root word ‘junk’, we know that it is indeed a junk too for our body.

DINNER (light meals)

– Granolas (these babies are my fav) and midnight oatmeals (a good choice when night time hunger strikes you)

– Eat fruits instead of carbs, OR if you’re SO hungry (or just need a lot of energy), I suggest you eat rice before 5 in the evening

– Lessen the foods that contain sugar

Hope these help, guys!

Wish me luck for my future nutritionist career.



P.S. I really enjoy the photoshoot. I like the pictures!

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