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A letter to my son
Gallendra Baby Portraits by Keefe
Feb 2018

Dear my son Gallendra,

Son, time flies fast. Now, you often cry, asking to go out with mom because mom rides your car. Well, you’re not sad because mom left, but because mom drove away my car which you thought are yours. That’s okay, it’s adorable.

Son, time flies so fast. Now, you start asking, “mom, where’s daddy’s car?” Maybe you’re actually asking where daddy is, but you haven’t found the correct words.

Son, time flies too fast. Now, you start saying, “ehhhh mommy’s here” when I’m going to sleep after working all day, away from home.

I feel so guilty. With a heavy heart, I have to trade my time for you to work. I’m sorry, son. Mom can’t always be right next to you right now. Mom promise, when you’re older, mom will explain the reasons.

Son, every time I tell you that I’m going to work, never ever think that mom doesn’t love you so mom doesn’t want to be with you. Sweats and tears are the witnesses that go with mom every step of the way.

Son, in your second year of life, mom never expected you to have a lot of people loving you and wishing you all the good things in life, but remember, even though you have a lot of people who love you so much, you should not be arrogant, but be humble and friendly instead.

Son, you always have to remember that health is the most important thing. You need health so you can keep learning. You need to always be healthy so you can travel with me. You need to be always healthy so you can be always happy.

When you’re still living in mommy’s tummy, mom told you, “Hello son in mom’s tummy, whatever happens, you have to be a happy son.”

Happiness is the key to life. People may be richer than you, smarter than you, more handsome than you, but happiness is the absolute thing you can never compare.

You’re only two years old, but you’re already the source of happiness for a lot of people. Every day, I am touched when I read messages from aunties and uncles who love you very much. They are saying,

“Thank you, mommy Chaw for bringing Gallendra into the world. He always makes me smile and laugh although it’s only from pictures and videos.”

You know what? The way they say thank you to mommy is similar to my prayer every night,

“God, thank you for choosing me as Gallendra’s mom. He’s a happy son, cheery son, the son that becomes the source of happiness for many people.”

It’s been 2 years since 17th February 2016. That day, mom was so confused seeing a little thin haired baby. Oh, you were so tiny but you changed my world.

Thank you, son, for being born into mom’s world. I hope you always remember, in your future years, months, and days, mom will always be by your side.

The word love can’t ever express how my heart truly feels. You are more than love. You are my world, my heartbeat. My heart beats at your every step.

Mommy loves Gallendra.


Happy 2nd birthday, love!


Mama chaw

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