Photography : Tying The Knot
No bridesmaids. Just breastmen.
The Wedding of Andrew and Michelle by Ivan
Feb 2018

I didn’t think twice about making them my breastmen.

They’re the men I turn to when I wish to talk about everything. They won’t tell my secrets to a single soul. They treated me like I’m one of the guys.

My main man/ husband Andrew doesn’t mind. He’s very chill.

How about the breastmen’s girlfriends? Well, as soon as they know me and see how I act around the guys, they’d understand. Their jealousy? Gone with the wind.

They don’t sense romantic chemistry. Only bromance.

Ivan Mario, my wedding photographer, is also a bro. He can do everything! He fixed my hair and asked me if I’m tired. He understood the situation and lent his helping hands. One time, he helped me carrying my dress. Thank you so much, Ivan!



P.S. Anyway, still on the topic of my wedding, my favorite moments are when I said thank you to my parents and when Andrew spoke his vows. It meant a lot to hear the things he promises in front of God.

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