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A pleasant surprise
The Maternity Portraits of Clarine by Vania
Feb 2018

Life never ceases to surprise you. I, for one, am a huge believer of this.

Everything went by so fast for Fil and I. We got married in November 2016 after six years of dating. 7 months flew by and we were pretty much still in the honeymoon phase….and, suddenly… a baby! I still remember Fil’s face when we found out I was 6 weeks pregnant – he was in total disbelief! I was too! Terrified, but mostly excited to embark on my own journey of motherhood. We are going to be parents!

My first three months was not very pleasant, morning sickness was not my best friend. Every day was a struggle. I craved so much, but my stomach betrayed me every time. Through it all, Fil was my pillar of strength; he fixed me oatmeals in the dead of the night, drowned himself in mom forums to learn about pregnancy, googled every single food to make sure it is safe and volunteered to do the chores… He did everything he could to make sure I was always comfortable. “You’ll get through this,” he always said.

And we did. Little did we realized, day by day, our baby grew. Flutter kicks turned to full-force flips, I started to feel him moving inside me more and more. It was the best feeling. From a tiny dot in my belly, my baby is now the size of a honeydew melon and I have successfully gained 20 kg – the heaviest I have ever been, yet the happiest.

Throughout my pregnancy, I am never myself – going out with no make-up, not dressing up for work, and just enjoying being really, really messy. Elders say it is because I am carrying a baby boy. The worst thing is I like keeping that as an excuse!

Having my maternity pictures taken allowed me to doll up and dress up a little and feel like myself again. It gives me the chance to commemorate the best time of my life with my husband/best friend in frames – a little reminder that, soon, there won’t be just the two of us anymore.

Now, it is a waiting game. Any time now.

Little darling, you are so, so loved. We can’t wait to see you.



A little note from the photographer, Vania:

For me, if there is trust between the clients and the photographers, the pictures itself will mirror the feeling and the experience the shots.

Thank you for your total trust in me, dear Clarine & Fil! I’m so happy to capture your chemistry at one of your milestones.

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