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An impromptu wedding in Paris
The Wedding of Kevin & Cecilia by AXIOO
Feb 2018

Sometimes, when it comes to reaching our dreams, we throw everything we have to make those dreams come true. The things we can’t control often get in the way, collide with everything we planned, and leave us disappointed.

Kevin and Cecilia’s wedding originally planned in NY, not Paris. Everything, from the law to their reception party, was all set. All that’s left was attending the reception, but Cecilia’s mom got sick, so her mom came home to see her Father in Heaven. Mourning, they postponed the wedding.

Maybe in attempt to lift up their spirits, or probably realizing that their time here is limited, Kevin and Cecilia traveled around the world. New Zealand. Korea. Africa. Their last destination: Paris.

Somewhere along the way, they had the idea to have a dinner with a few close friends in Paris. Their guest list grew into a list of close friends and close family–everyone they want to invite to their wedding. So, they thought, why not make it our wedding?

Between travels, they arrange everything with their weddings vendors, including me, via email and online. They never met everyone face to face until nearing the day (I’m honored to be trusted by Kevin and Cecilia).

Their wedding day turned out to be very personal. It’s only them and the ones they truly love, celebrating their union as husband and wife. It’s truly wonderful.

In the end, I learned that it’s not all about our plans. It’s about how we improvise.

With love,


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