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8 Lunar New Year Traditions
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Feb 2018

It’s beginning to look a lot like Lunar New Year. Everywhere we go, we see lots of red and puppy shaped decorations. It only means one thing: soon, we are about to meet our big family. We are so excited!

Anyway, recently, while eating lunch at Axioo house, our team talked about traditions, comparing whether their big family still follow:

1. Having a family feast at the night before the new year’s day

2. Eating sticky nian gao so the family will stick with each other no matter what

3. Gifting red envelopes to kids

4. Not sweeping the house so you won’t sweep away the good fortune

5. Eating layered cake so you’ll get layers and layers of good fortune

6. Cut off your hair before new year’s day to leave the bad fortune in the past year

7. Wear new outfits

8. Set off firecrackers to scare off bad spirits

How about you? Are your family hold on to these traditions? Do you ever think about starting a new one?

This Lunar New Year, we are capturing lots of kids’ milestones (some are their firsts Lunar New Year). We are also designing e-greeting cards with moving pictures. They’re so adorable. We can’t wait to send it via Whatsapp to everyone we love!  

Everyone taking our Lunar New Year package gets one e-greeting card for free.

You can get one too! It’s not too late.

Just tell us you want it too and we’ll take care of everything, so you can focus on doing your Lunar New Year tradition with your family.

Happy early Lunar New Year!


Baby Axioo

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