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Swan Lake
The Newborn Portraits of Georgina Sharon by William Xu
Jan 2018

“My daughter will be born in December,” said Ivana, “I’m thinking something girly and winter-ish would be nice.”

When Ivana said that, immediately Swan Lake and Nutcracker popped into my head.

I’ve always wanted to do a Snow Lake concept ever since I started photographing newborn. I already have the files on my laptop. Nutcracker is just as dreamy, but deep inside, I wished Ivana would pick Swan Lake.

She did! Haha!

I remember thinking, “this is going to be a fun project!”

As requested, I made Swan Lake winter-ish. The snow added a magical touch to the fairytale vibe. I love it! It looks like a dream.

I wanted everything to be perfect, so every detail, from the set, the swan, the feather, everything I created with my hands. I crafted the swan’s base for a week. I cut all the paper feathers and glued them one by one for 2 days. Along the way, I figured out I’m not really good at sewing. So, I showed my mom the skirt’s sketch and my mom sewed it.

Somewhere along the way, I thought maybe adding stage lights would be nice. I called a friend who owns a lot of stage lights to rent some. My friend insisted, “No! Just take them. Seriously.”  (OMO. Thanks!)

Long story short, in the end, my efforts paid off. The parents, who extended their stay in Jakarta to gave birth and took newborn photos, are happy with the pictures. I’m happy they’re happy! Hahaha.


William Xu

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