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2 milestones to remember
The Milestone Portraits of Mom Cecilia & Newborn Constantine by William Xu
Jan 2018


I’m not gonna lie. These shoots were challenging. It’s my first ever maternity shoot! I usually shoot newborn babies, not maternity portraits. Before this shoot, I didn’t have any maternity portfolio. So, I feel so honored that Cecilia booked me to shoot her maternity portraits.

As a fashion designer, Cecilia has her own taste. Her eyes are used to seeing beautiful details. She gave me lots of references for the photoshoot.

“I saw your newborn pictures with paper flowers. Can you make giant flowers for adults?” a friend wandered to me.

It’s a challenge! I took it. I offered Cecilia a giant flower/ fashion photography concept. She was interested and left all the details to me.

The photoshoot itself was a challenge for me too as it’s my first time, but it went surprisingly well. Cecilia’s daughter tagged along too. The mood was fun, so she laughed at the smallest things, like my sneeze.

After the photoshoot, Cecilia sent me dreamy paintings as moods and references for her newborn pictures. I was so happy that she trusts me again (thank you, Cecilia!).


Shortly after giving birth, I went to Cecilia’s house to take portraits of her newborn son Constantine. This shot was a challenge too. It took a couple trips to my car just to unload the props. And I set them up again.

The big sister was really happy to see me. She gleefully called me, “sneezy uncle!” I felt welcomed.

I enjoyed the photo shoot so much that everything went so fast.

I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures too!


William Xu

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