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When he is the one, you just know
The Pre-Wedding of Nico & Diana by Ivan
Jan 2018

When I first met Nico in an arranged dinner, I knew I would end up with this type of a man.Tall, sharp looking, fair skinned, very formal, but very fun and soft inside. The gentleman every woman would dream of.

From our very first conversation, we felt like we’re connected in every way. As soon as the dinner finished, he asked for my number and texted me the next day. He asked me out on a first date, a second date, third date, and so on.

On our fifth date, he confessed that he fell in love at the first sight. He asked me to be his girlfriend officially, and he did mention one thing that really surprised me. He said that he was very serious and would like to take this relationship to the next level as soon as possible.

Someone once told me, “When he is the one, you just know. If there’s any little doubt, it means he is not the one.” I didn’t quite understand this saying right until I met Nico. He somehow gave me the feeling of being certain that he was the one I have been searching all my life. The feeling of being very lucky and grateful for his presence in my life. The excitement to explore the world and spend a lifetime with him are worth fighting for.

A week ago we just got married. It was the best decision ever made in my life. The feelings and chemistry are growing thicker each and every day. We are celebrating our love. To eternity, and beyond.

With love,


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