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How dads feel
The Wedding of Garren & Amanda by AXIOO
Jan 2018

What’s the best thing that happened to you in 2017?

For me, it’s my newborn baby girl Jolynn. Since she’s born into this world, she became my world, aside from my wife, of course. Since then, everything reminds me of her. The time I shot Garren and Amanda’s wedding, Garren’s father took the role as the priest. He blessed his own son’s marriage. My dad is a priest too!

It got me thinking.. One day, I will be in their positions. One day, I would walk Jolynn, who’ll always be my little girl, down the aisle and witness her holy matrimony from the front seat.

At that moment, I was very touched. I understood how the fathers felt. I can’t put it into words. I just held on to those moments and pressed my shutter. That way, those emotional once in a lifetime moments are frozen in pictures.

I felt pretty good about the pictures. They captured the emotions of the day.

With these pictures, I hope Garren and Amanda will be able to not only remember the beautiful details of their wedding day but also remember how it felt, how much their fathers love them.  

With love,


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