Photography : Tying The Knot
Small Wedding
The Wedding of Gio & Grace by AXIOO
Jan 2018

Many of our closest friends and family have invested their emotions into our relationship as much as we have. Their friendships definitely will endure in this journey of life.

We wanted to have a small, intimate wedding, surrounded by those who have witnessed our journey from the start and leading up to the wedding. And we did just that!

Our friends and family have made their special trips (some from overseas) to be involved in the celebration. Because of them, our wedding was filled with so much love and generosity.



P.S. Actually, we’re not so comfortable in front of the lens, but, with Kalvin the director, we felt at ease. Kalvin was fully prepared and fully in control coming into the pre-wedding and wedding shoots, knew what he wanted and took those shots what he envisioned the video to be. We trusted his team that we’re in good hands. Loved every second of the video! Kalvin was able to really capture our own personal love story in the video.

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