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The First Noel
The portraits of Enrico & Fenny baby by William Xu
Dec 2017

My family and I don’t celebrate Christmas, but every December, there’s something about the snow, the lights, the smell of cinnamon from gingerbread get me so excited that one day, I said to my mom, “Mom, I’m buying a Christmas tree. I’m thinking of a small one for our table.”

“Ok. Fine,” mom said, “We have no reason to buy the big ones. We don’t celebrate Christmas.”

Naturally, I bought the big one. 2 meters tall. When I got home, I assembled it in my room, decorated it, and when it’s done, it takes up most of my room. I moved it to the only place the Christmas tree fits: our living room.

The surprised looks on my family’s faces are just priceless. They love it.

Since then, every early December, I assemble the tree and design a different theme around it. I buy lots of decors, and when I feel like nothing in the store fits my big picture, I handmade the decors. Oh, and no matter what theme it is, I always add snow at the end. It just feels so magical!

This year, I opted for a snowy rustic look, like the one I set up for this photoshoot setting.

I hope it brings a wonderful magic to the baby’s first Christmas.


William Xu

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