Dear mom
Mother's Day Video by AXIOO
Dec 2017

What does being a mom feels like? I can’t sum it up in a single word.

Having my child make my life perfect,

but motherhood isn’t as easy as I imagined.

Seeing my child grow kind, healthy, and smart make me happy,

even though my child is constantly testing my patience.

Every minute spent with my child is never wasted,

even though, in time, I have to let my child go to reach their dreams.

Everything I do, I do I so can always be right beside my child,

and give every best thing for my child.

Being a mother teaches me a lot of things.

One day, my child will learn

how precious my child is for me and

how big my heart is for my child.


Happy mother’s day dear every mother in the world.

We might not always know how to say I love you to you,

but deep inside, we always love you and

thank you for everything you’ve done for us.

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