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I blocked his Whatsapp
Pre-Wedding Gunawan & Prisillia by Ivan
Dec 2017

Gun likes me since the first time we met. I like him too. Honestly, he’s my type.

At that time, I didn’t know his real age because of his baby face. When I discovered that he’s 13 years older than me, I immediately blocked his Whatsapp.

My friend said, “A week? You blocked him for a week? Um well, I bet he doesn’t look for you anymore since you’re not replying. I think he got the message. It’s okay if you want to unblock him.”

My friend was wrong. He didn’t get message. He still messaged me everyday. He’s so persistent.

I finally replied him. Little did I know, it started a series of memorable adventures with him.

It’s nice talking with him.

Suddenly, Gun invited me to brunch. It’s so sudden that I didn’t got a chance to take a shower or wear any makeup. Later, Gun said the no-showering part makes him like me even more.

On my birthday, we had a nice dinner at Valentino, then went to Cloud to have some drinks. We ordered Macallan and sipped it little by little as we talk. That’s the first time we had a heart to heart conversation. When it’s time to go home, we just realized that we drank ¾ bottle of Macallan. Just the two of us.

“When I ask her to go to my uncle’s house, Pris had to walk to 15 minutes because the road wasn’t accessible by car. It was raining and mud was everywhere. When we passed my old house, a super humble and tiny house, she said some words to me, then, I knew she is the one,” Gun said.

I accidentally read his letter to his dad who already passed away. He wrote that he missed his day so much and he made a promise to his dad on the letter. He poured his soul into the letter. Inside my heart, I realized that he is the one I was looking for this whole time.

Not long after that, he got down on one knee, saying a lot of things that I didn’t hear because I was too shocked, and asking me the question. I was speechless, so he put the ring on my finger without me saying yes.



P.S. I will always remember our pre-wedding photoshoot. After we came back from the photo session, we both felt really tired. My feet hurts a lot from wearing high heels all day. Gun said he wanted to go buy medicine for my feet. I said no because I knew how tired he is and, besides, every store was closed already.

I took a nap for a while before packing for tomorrow’s photoshoot. But, Gun woke up when the morning came. I woke up to medicines, complete with band aids and alcohol, also everything is packed for the photoshoot. Gun prepared everything. I was so surprised and touched. I felt really blessed and grateful for him. I shed a tear.

He takes care of me and always giving his best to make me the happiest.

Location: Paris, France

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