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Christmas isn’t about the gifts
Family Portraits of dad Mark, mom Tiara, & daughter Victoria by Vania
Dec 2017

While taking pictures, we talked about Christmas traditions. Tiara mentioned that they have a close family member living in USA, hours of flights away from their home. Sadly, they rarely meet, so every Christmas, they tried really hard to make lots of time to be together.

“Christmas is not about gifts,” Tiara told me, “It’s about being with my family and we want to remember every moment every year.” That’s why they insisted to book this photoshoot at the first place.

Anyway, do you spot the doggie in the pictures? So cute, right? I’m about to tell you more cute things: the doggie joins in every Mark and Tiara’s photoshoot because the doggie is also a part of their family. Awww!

Talking about Christmas made me even more excited about my Christmas. I can’t wait to spend some quality time with my family. We’ve all been busy lately. I miss them so much!

Mark, Tiara, it’s an honor to capture your special family moment. I know how much it means to you (my family means the world to me). I hope these pictures can serve as a sweet reminder of these moments in many years to come.



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