Photography : Tying The Knot
Everybody was there
The Wedding of John & Kezia by Paulus
Dec 2017

On our first meeting, we didn’t talk about the wedding. We talked about dogs and which cafes are dog friendly. They told me a lot of things about Kezia’s dog, Mishka. From a dog person to another, I could tell how much they love Mishka.

They couldn’t invite Mishka to be with them on their special day as they had a formal Jakarta wedding. At the morning of their wedding, I saw Kezia holding her iPhone, her casing was an illustration of Mishka. I snapped a picture of it, so at some ways, Mishka’s still a part of their wedding.

She’s not the type of person who’ll post everything at her Instagram, she even post only a few pictures of her wedding, but she posted this shot. It’s one of her favorite wedding shots.

Actually, the picture was quite simple, nothing flashy, but it’s close to Kezia’s heart and that’s what matters the most.

Thank you John & Kezia for trusting me to capture your special day. I hope the pictures will serve as a wonderful reminder of your wedding day.




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