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Life in Rose
The Wedding of Osh & Nat by Dodo
Dec 2017

Osh comes from an Indonesian family—all speaking in soft polite Javanese tone. Nat comes from a Ukrainian family—all speaking in excited high Ukrainian tone. At first, their families found this and a couple other differences odd.

“We always wanted a wedding that represents both our cultures and values. Family is the key points that we found on our cultures.”

That being said, they decided to prepare their wedding by themselves, helped by their brother Christian, and sisters Sherly, Tata, and Linda. The bride Nat managed everything while the groom Osh handled most of the decorations and personally do every word of the calligraphy. They stayed up all night, finished everything by 5 AM and practiced their first dance right after. Thumbs up for the dedication.

Their wedding was so different than the weddings I shot before. I couldn’t predict what’s next.

Oh! Guess what? 2 hours before holy matrimony, their wedding rings were still with the courier. Most brides and grooms would flip, but Osh and Nat were very chill. Osh even said, “In case the rings won’t arrive on time, what can replace the ring? Dodo, what if I shape our rings out of that aluminium?”

Of course, their closest best friend stick with them everywhere. When they speak their vows, she grinned and laid on the grass. Syüga, their pet beagle-shih tzu, was a being good girl. I couldn’t help but petting Syüga on every break. Hahahaha.

Fast forward to the night reception. It’s so dark, but when they dance their first dance to the soft melody of La vie en Rose, the guests circled around them, lighting the night up with sparkles. It was surreal.

Osh said, “Our wedding wasn’t about the glam packaging. It’s about spreading the love.”

Their wedding was truly one of a kind. The pictures I took were unlike any other wedding pictures. Every shot has a trace of Osh and Nat’s character. I’m proud of every shot. It’s a pleasure shooting my best friends on their wedding day.

Osh and Nat, thank you for trusting me to be a part of your special day. I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. And, once, again, congrats! I hope your life together would be as fun as your wedding.

Anyway, guys, if you’re thinking of preparing a wedding all alone, we can take notes here. Remember that there will be a couple hiccups, and sometimes, fatal mistakes, here and there. Expect flaws, but be chill, like Osh and Nat. Expect a lot of stories to tell, and most of all, expect irreplaceable memories.



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