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“Airin, who is the best wedding photographer?”
The Pre-Wedding of Rico & Airin by Will
Dec 2017

Knowing I’ve been working in Axioo for years, my engaged friends often ask me, “Airin, who is the best wedding photographer?” Usually, I suggest the photographers that suit their personality and style, but if they ask me, personally, who will I pick to take my pre-wedding pictures, I’d answer Will.

Will is my friend. We used to share an office space together with our other friends. Back then, every day was filled with inside jokes and laughter. If laughing was an exercise, I’d be slimmer than ever.

The photoshoot preparation went smoothly, thanks to Will and the stylist. Only one thing that bugged me: the long dress. Actually, the dress was very beautiful, but its slit is so high that my huge thigh could peek. But, when Will directed Rico and me to pose, I really don’t care about my peeking thigh. I mean, it’s Will! He’s not judging at all. I’m sure, with any other photographer, I would feel awkward. But, there’s something about Will that makes everyone comfortable.

I’ve seen his works every day but seeing my own pre-wedding pictures was far more amazing. Every picture was amazing that it took us a long time to pick.

The scene that takes the longest time to pick is our favorite scene, home & kitchen scene. Rico & I love staying at home, cooking, eating, cooking, eating, and repeat. Hahahaha. For us, home and family come first. So, looking at our pictures in those scenes, we saw us. Not us posing. We really see our true selves. We felt that Will captured our chemistry perfectly.

We’re completely satisfied with the pictures. We love them so much. We’ll hang some of them in our living room. Thank you, Will!



Location: Studio AXIOO Photography – Jakarta, Indonesia

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