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Mom’s Maternity Milestone
Donita Maternity Portraits by Keefe
Dec 2017

I’ve known Donita from one of her films “Pupus.” If I’m not mistaken, she sang a song for the soundtrack of that film too. The film was released years ago, but I still listen to the soundtrack.

And, her husband? Who didn’t know Adi Nugroho from AFI?

Photographing not one, but two of my idols, I was a little bit nervous.

I’ve been following Donita’s instagram account since her first pregnancy until her first child Svarga is all grown up and she’s pregnant with her second child. I see how Adi and Donita really loves and support each other and takes a great care of Svarga, and later teaches him so he’s ready to have a little sibling.

When I met them in person to take their pictures, everyone could see how much Adi supports Donita in her maternity moment. Being a father of one, I know that maternity process is far from easy. In this important milestone, the wife needs a lot of support from her family, especially from her husband.

I wish Donita a smooth maternity and delivery stage. And, years later, Donita and Adi would show their youngest child this picture and say, “this is you in mommy’s tummy. Before you, your brother was here first.” And he/she would learn and perhaps, be more ready for his/her younger sibling.




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