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Daddy’s Son
Cruz Baby Portraits by Keefe
Dec 2017

This photoshoot was not the first time I met baby Cruz. We met at his first birthday, I took a lot of his pictures. He’s so cute and expressive. I really enjoyed taking his pictures. Since then, I wanted to take his pictures properly in a studio.

When Baby Axioo team gave me the chance to pick someone for a studio session, I remembered Cruz. The first thing that is on my mind is boxing concept. When I told his mom about this, we both were surprised.

She told me, “Cruz LOVES boxing! He sees and imitates his daddy who really loves boxing. At home, he even pose as a boxer, complete with the backsound from him.”

This photo session’s my first studio shoot. Everything went so smooth. I love the result! Thank you for the dad and the mom, Derian and Melinda for the opportunity to capture Cruz’s milestone. I hope Cruz’s cheery self continues be a blessing for everyone.



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