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8 legit marriage advices
Monica’s Beauty Portraits by Herna
Nov 2017

Monica just got married!

Since the day she said I do, she no longer thinks only for herself. She thinks for her husband Dodo too. I imagined that she’s in the transition period.

To be honest, I don’t know how she feels right now. I don’t have the experience yet. I’m still happy spending all my money on plane tickets and delicious foods from all over the world. There’s so much to see in the world. I don’t see myself settling down anytime soon.

Anyway, while browsing on pinterest for inspirations, I found a cute infographic showing legit marriage advices. It’s not too lovey dovey to be true. It’s realistic and it teaches me a great deal about love.

Let me share this for you. In case you, like Monica, are in the transition period too, this might help:

1. Never stop dating each other. Go to the movies together, eat a nice dinner together, surprise him/her, talk about everything, build a dream together, and get to know him/her more (people change a lot), and learn to love him/her more.

2. Stop searching who’s right and who’s wrong. No matter how infuriating he/she is, pause and think of a win-win solution.

3. Apologize.

4. Choose to forgive.

5. Choose to love. Feelings come and go. Love is a choice. Everyday, do small kind things that brings you closer to him/her.

6. Find a few minutes to talk to him/her everyday. Let him/her know what’s up in your life. Share about your big and small triumphs and problems. Solve and celebrate together.

7.  Assume the best. Don’t assume what him/her is going to do next. Focus on his/her best qualities.

8. Kiss, kiss, and kiss.  

Hope these tips help, guys.



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