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Don’t do it for the pictures
The Pre-Wedding of Yuda & Clarissa by Paulus
Nov 2017

Yuda and Clarissa is one of the luckiest couples. They get to take their pictures at a beautiful chapel…..for free. Plus, their friend helped them with the flowers. When the photo session starts, they gradually relaxed that they were so easy to direct. The two of them (plus me) enjoyed the session.

Remembering my time with them in Melbourne got me thinking about what makes a pre-wedding session great. It’s as simple as having fun.  

When I talk with clients after the photo session, they’d remember the pictures as little memories, “hey, that’s the one when we throw breads to get the birds in the frames,” or “this is the one right after we discover the best ice cream ever.”

Unfortunately, we won’t remember these little nuggets if we’re too serious in focusing to take good pictures.

Often, the focus of the pre-wedding session is taking good pictures. Of course, you’ll get good pictures, but you won’t remember the memories.

Of course, I’ll take good pictures. I’ll make sure of it. It’s my job.

Your part is to enjoy.

So, if you’re about to take a pre-wedding session, keep in mind: have fun!



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