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A message behind the concept
Baby Kenneth Newborn Portraits by William Xu
Nov 2017

Lion King is one of the movies I watched on repeat when I was a kid. My favorite character is Simba. So, when we decided on the Lion King theme, the nostalgia kicked in and my imagination started to run wildly. I had a million ideas for the set. Creating the set was a labour of love.

With these pictures, I hope baby Kenneth, like Simba, will become a strong leader. Remember that you need Timon and Pumbaa, an amazing group of friends and family that will give you tons of support when you prepare yourself to rise. Never take them for granted.  

So, one day, when you’re ready,  you have everything it takes to step up and defend the people you love. Just like Simba, you have a kind heart and a mighty roar.


William Xu

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