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4 Keys of Overcoming Distance & Doubts
The Pre-Wedding of Christopher & Editha by Aha
Nov 2017

A forgettable first meeting, another reintroduction, strings of BBM chats and an awkward double date in a Padang restaurant left Christopher and Editha interested with each other. They became closer and closer, but Christopher had to go to college overseas.

Editha, on the other hand, did not believe in long distance relationships. She’s curious whether this relationship will work or not. The time he left, she felt really comfortable with him. It took 7 months before so she decided to try.

“During that time, our relationship was not always smooth,” said Editha, “Often, our insecurities and lack of communication make us misunderstood each other.”

Editha shared us a few tips to make this relationship lasts:

Commitment. “We’re not in a relationship for the fun only. We’re the serious type. We’re both looking for someone to share our lives with and we’re comfortable with each other. So, we’re committed to make this relationship work.”

Respect. “We know and accept each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and weirdnesses. Hahaha.”

Just say it. “Miscommunication often happened until we learned to always speak what we think and feel. That way, we can learn to understand each other.”

Be grateful with what we have. “It’ll make things easier.”

“We never have a special date. But the feeling every time we meet after a long time is unforgettable,” said Stephanie.

“Now, we are no longer in a long distance relationship. We’re glad that we made to this far. This 8 years of relationship is a process of getting to know each other, learning how to trust, compromise and accept each other.”

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