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An applause for every mother
Maternity Portraits of Zarina by Vania
Nov 2017

Having met a lot of mom-to-bes, I realized being pregnant is not as easy as it sounds. Though some lucky women had it easy, most of them had tough battles to fight, especially in the first trimester. Along the journey, here comes the back pains, sleepless nights, and for some moms, moments when they don’t feel pretty. When they give birth, no matter through C-section or normal procedure, it’s a life and death situation.

Although it hurts, they try not to feel the pain. Although it’s hard, they would love to enjoy the journey. It takes courage, patience, and lots of prayers. They give all their hearts to their children.

For that, I admire every mother.

As a photographer, I love capturing everything. My favorite part of the job is capturing maternity moments, that moment of waiting where all the emotions mixed together and topped with gratitude. More than a wedding, a pregnancy is life-changing and filled with the greatest love story of all: a mother’s love to her child.

With love,


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