Photography : She Said Yes
A sunset to remember
The Pre-Wedding of Brian & Gabby by Paulus
Nov 2017

There is something about the beach that make Brian and I come back there again and again. It’s the perfect place to escape from our everyday routines.

Sometimes it’s just the two of us. Other times, we’re joined by our friends. Last year in July, we visited Bali with a bunch of our close friends. We’re there for a friend’s wedding, and, of course, we extended a few days for holiday. I did not expect anything, it was just a normal usual short getaway for me.

The day after my friend’s wedding, I had a girls-only friendship photo session in one of the nicest beaches while the guys decided to “stayed” in the villa. I did not notice something odd from this.

When the sun sets, the photographer asked me to face the sun. He said he’s going to shoot me from behind. As I listened to his instruction, I imagined a great silhouette shot. And then, out of the blue, someone grabbed my hand from behind. It was Brian! I thought he’s at the villa with all the guys. I was so surprised to see him. Before I could say anything, he started to give a speech. It was really sweet. I could really feel how much he loves and cares for me.  I was touched.

Afterwards, 6 of his friends lined up behind us, wearing a shirt with a writing on each of everyone’s back:  “Will you marry me?” Of course, I answered, “YES!”

Finally, after 6.5 years of a hell of roller coaster journey together, we finally made it  through. Despite our rough journey, I believe what’s meant to be will always find their way. I always remember this beautiful verse from Ecclesiastes:  “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”

Cheers to our new chapter of adventure to somewhere we’ve never been to, exploring new cultures, new foods, and of course, new beaches.



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