Photography : Baby & Maternity
Welcome to Baby Axioo Hotel
A Pop-Up Event by AXIOO
Nov 2017

As long as forever, we find ourselves fascinated by warm stories and mesmerized by the twinkle of an eye, the sincerity of a smile and the miracle of a hug. Along the way, we realized our new found joy in hearing the first laughter, witnessing the first step, and getting our fingers wrapped with their tiny hands.

There is something about children that brings out the creative souls within us. It could be their chubby cheeks, their innocence, their cuteness, or even their mischievous little hearts. Children never fail to bring a smile on our faces.

After more than a decade capturing love stories, finally, Axioo gave birth to 2 young projects: Baby Axioo & Family Axioo.

Contrary to popular opinion, photographing baby is not only about the skills. It’s more about the heart. It’s more about the passion. We are a group of people who believe that a life without passion is no life at all. Every day, even on Monday, we step in our Axioo house feeling inspired and excited. Everything we do, we do it with our passion and our hearts. We are so proud of everyone in our team and the creativity, the dedication, and the unique skills they bring a photo at a time.  

Our love for kids and our passion in capturing moments are pushing us forward that in just a span of a few years, our small Baby Axioo family extended into around 20 people.

For us, every moment is memorable. Last summer, we all had so much fun photo shooting and playing on our pink pool and sweet corner, where everyone tasted sweets as we believe sweets and happiness are meant to be shared.

Two weekends ago, we opened an exhibition: Baby Axioo Hotel at Market Museum Kemang for 3 days. We welcomed everyone to come, meet us, and bring cameras to snap some pictures in Baby Axioo Hotel. We’re so delighted to meet everyone! We made a lot of new friends.

Thank you for coming. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

See you on our next exhibition! We do different themes in different exhibitions. We can’t wait. The ideas are already popping.


Baby Axioo

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