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When was the last time you’re with your family?
Joe & Julie Taslim Family Portraits by Winson
Nov 2017


Finally, blog, we meet again. It’s been awhile since I write. I’ve been behind my camera (and editing my pictures while arranging my Spotify playlist) for way too long.

So much had happened! My girlfriend, Vania, finally said yes, although not the way I imagined it to be. When I proposed, I was so tongue-tied that she thought I was joking until I showed her the ring.

Now, I’m caught in between work and wedding preparation. I’m so glad Vania and I are working in the same place (Axioo house). Although that means extra Jakarta traffic when picking her up and dropping her off, I’m happy for the time I get to spend with her, having those random 3 PM snacks and impromptu late dinners. I feel so lucky to be with her for almost all the time.

As I pick and edit Joe’s family photos, I thought about them. Currently, I heard that Joe is in between shooting a movie and a series in another country, definitely not working in the same place like Vania and I. Joe’s family must’ve had way less time together.  

At the photo session, they’re far from the red-carpet suit and dress glam, they’re just being their fun casual selves. They’re so comfortable together. I can’t help but to wonder how many activities they said no to just to be with each other like this.

How about you and your family? When was the last time you send a quality time with your family?

All the fun and happiness is being with the ones who love you the most. Don’t forget to make time with your family.



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