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Mommy of 3
Sandra Maternity Portraits by Baby Axioo
Nov 2017

I’ve known Sandra since Ryan, her firstborn, was still a chubby baby. Now, she’s pregnant with her third born! I’m sure your jaw just dropped on the floor when you read that one! Yes, she is pregnant for the third time and she’s still as slim and as beautiful! She eats a lot but still has the body of a 20 years old girl. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s jealous here.

I usually see Sandra whole hearty sings on the stage at church. She’s just like an angel up there (fangirl here). It’s always so much fun to be with her too. She’s bubbly and easy going, she’s just the kind of person you wanna hang out with. Not to forget, while taking a great care of her 2 sons, she takes it easy, remains calm, and laughs even when they’re being uncontrollable. 

Sandra, I feel so grateful and honored to witness every step of your journey. From little chubby Ryan to your even more chubbier Aaron, until this little one in your belly. Hope that I can meet Baby M!  We love you!



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