Photography : Family
Hello, Baby Brother!
Dad Josiah, mom Marisa, big sis Nicole, & little baby Alston Family Portraits by Baby Axioo
Nov 2017

Josiah, Marisa, & Nicole. I always remember these names clearly. 

We had our first photoshoot around 2 years ago when their firstborn Nicole was still around 1 year old. Gosh, she was the cutest little girl ever! I can’t forget how she smiled cheekily, putting her head on her shoulder when we asked her, “Where is your beauty?” Just like that, her smile melted my heart! So, when I saw their names on my schedule, I was so excited to finally meet Nicole again. When I saw her little brother Alston next to her name, the joy doubled. 

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, they said. I guess the apple on the same branch does not fall too far from the other apple too if you know what I mean. Hahahaha. I mean Alston is just as cute as Nicole. Actually, he kinda looks like Nicole when she was younger. 

By the way, Nicole is a nice big sis now. She doesn’t get jealous of her little brother! She’s very happy to have him around. She’s grumpy only when she’s hungry (exactly like me hahahaha). 

The photoshoot was super fun! The family trusts our team completely — from themes, outfits, photo sessions, until the productions. I love them for it. It means that they believe in us, that we will always give the best of us for them. It really motivates us to give more than 100% Once again, thank you, Josiah & Marisa for trusting me and the team. I wish Nicole and Alston a happy healthy life ahead! 



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