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Boby & Hanie's Pre-Wedding Movie by AXIOO
Nov 2017

I direct my movies like I modify my vintage motorcycles. Long before I start filming/modifying, there’s one thing I can’t skip developing. 

Nowadays, just looking cool is so mainstream. Everybody is cool. That’s why, one minute you’d admire them, the next minute you’d forget about them. I have this vision: aside from looking classic, awesome, or even #kidsjamannow-ish (depends on the concept), my movies have to leave deep impressions. My movies have to have great stories.

I meet the couple, get to know them, and befriend them. That’s how I get a hold of their stories and their favorite things. Those are my inspirations. 

Boby and Hanie told the team and I that they’ve been in a relationship for more than 10 years. From junior high moments, university years, to work periods, I imagine they’ve gone through a lot of life phases together, so they have lots of different looks and settings in the video. They’re all saying, whatever phase they’ll go through next, they’ll be able to keep loving and finding happiness in each other. 

That is my wish for Boby and Hanie. 



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