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5 Ways to Bond with Your Kids
Troy Baby Portraits by William Xu
Oct 2017

There are plenty of simple activities to get closer to your kids. 

We asked mommy Theria and daddy Cien, who are really friends with their son Troy. When Troy sing and dance during the photoshoot, mommy and daddy danced along too. Troy smiled so wide and laughed. That moment, our hearts knew that their bond is very strong. We’re touched.

They shared a couple things to us:

Read bedtime stories

Every night, Troy asks for his mommy and daddy to tell him bedtime stories. He requests Alice in Wonderland because he loves it so much, no matter how many other great stories he hears.

Play children songs

He loves singing and dancing.

Walk together

His memory is amazing. He knew the directions to the mall, school, and home. After we reached home, he likes to tell us the story of what he did when he’s not home. 

Buy gifts

After given a new gift, Troy brings it to sleep, and when he wakes up, he mentions the name of the gift.

Tell random jokes

The more we repeat the jokes, the more he laughs. 

Of course, every kid does not like the same thing and, next year, the child might be into different things. “He grows up so fast. It’s really regrettable to not to capture his every milestone,” said mommy Theira. Well, in the end, it’s really up to us to keep searching sweet activities to do with our kids and make their childhood memorable. 

Happy bonding!


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