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Thinking about your kid’s career?
Charice Baby Portraits by Vania
Oct 2017

Like every mother out there, I want nothing more than to see my kids growing up to be kind, happy, and every step they take, wherever it is, success follows. Well, of course, the answer to “what do you want to do when you grow up?” changes with circumstances and age.

However, exploring a lot of fields and finding talents take a long time. That’s why, starting from the early age, it’s necessary to take their hands and help them explore.

I see that through her hobbies, my daughter Charice are interested in art. She enjoys drawing manga. Aside from that, she’s really passionate in getting her photo taken (when I discovered this, I was happy, because from the moment she’s born, I’m obsessed with capturing every moment, so I’d never forget, and have beautiful memories to look back on).

Charice really enjoyed the photo session! Vania the photographer has lots of ideas to style Charice, direct Charice’s poses, and build Charice’s confidence in front of camera. The photo result turned out to be amazing!


Mommy Cin

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