4 Things I Learn from Little Princesses
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Oct 2017

Shooting kids is not as simple as shooting adults. It takes more patience, more cheery spirit, and more persuasion, but it’s all worth it at the end as I get to learn these important things that we often overlooked:

Being ourselves

Kids don’t try to be others. Kids are just being who they are and they are proud of it.

Knowing our number one supporter

As kids, we watch our parents like they’re our heroes. As we grow older, parents seemed to stop being parents and start being people. Maybe that’s why we tend to think we know life better then them. We often forget how to trust our parents. At the first place, actually, our parents are the ones who support us more than 100%.

Finding joy in simple things

Kids smile and laugh at the simplest song, simplest snack, and simplest joke. It’s amazing how they appreciate these little things, being grateful of every small situation. They show me how innocent and easy life can be.

Not afraid to dream big and go after it

Kids are living they own kind of fairy tale. They imagine that everything is possible and they insist on getting what they want. They amaze me, because when you have dream, you have hope, and when you have hope, it leads to perseverance. That, my friends, makes all your wishes come true.



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