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4 Tips & Tricks – Photographing Birthday Parties
Baby Alula Pre-Birthday and Birthday Party Portraits by AXIOO
Oct 2017

There’s something magical about birthday celebrations. The wish you make as you blow the candle, the sweet cake icing which melts on your tongue, the presents waiting to be unwrapped, the pretty theme you imagined that came true, and most importantly, the warmth of the hugs and wishes from the people closest to your hearts.

Such moments are too precious to not be captured and treasured for you to cherish in the upcoming years. That’s why we run extra miles to capture it.

Here are the 4 things we do with all our hearts to ensure that we capture every moments:

We get there earlier.

Every party has different activities, that’s why we want to make sure how the rundown goes.

Find the best spot.

Moments fly by as fast as a blink of an eye. That’s why we like to scout the place to find the best photo-taking spots for family photo, birthday girl/boy photo, and the important moments like candle blowing.

Shots of the decorations.

Decoration sets the vibe of the party, which really affects the pictures we take. So, days before the party, we have a little coffee and talk with the decoration vendors to get the perfect lightning for the pictures. We’re working with Fairy Floss Party so often that we became best friends. We’re so used with the way each other work. Hahahaha.

Being responsive.

Besides with the decoration vendor, we are always talking with all the vendors, like event organizer and MC. It is so important, so at the end of the day, the chemistry of the client’s’ family is captured.

However, the most important thing is the communication we build with the client. We believe that trust and incredible relationship comes from great communication. If they’re comfortable with us, we can fully be ourselves, and do our best to capture their precious moments.


Baby Axioo

Decoration by Fairy Floss Party

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