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The Thing about Habits
The Wedding of Steven and Craviana by Donny Wu
Oct 2017

It’s been a while after our wedding day. We just came back from our babymoon! Hahahaha. How time flies. Even so, we’re both still adapting to each other’s habits. It’s really challenging.

I had certain expectations in our marriage life. I had big expectations like having a live full of laughters and adventures (as I like to joke a lot and we both love to travel).

I also had smaller expectations like my wife preparing breakfast every morning. However, unlike me, my wifey isn’t a morning person. Seeing how willing she is to change, I guess, she will start sooner than later. I really appreciate her for that.  Hahaha.

Well, we guess the key is to communicate, put aside our egos, and keep support one another. That’s the keys. Hahahaha. Easier said than done, but, really, we can get everything done. Sooner than later.



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