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From School Uniforms to a Wedding Gown & a Tux
The Wedding of Albert & Fiona by AXIOO
Oct 2017

Between lunch bells, Albert, a senior, made his way on the school corridors to the canteen, browsing through a sea of familiar faces, hoping to catch a glimpse of “the girl.” Her name’s Fiona. He kept his eyes on her for a while, before he approached one of her friend to ask for Fiona number.

The friend told Fiona that Albert asked for her number. That’s when Fiona first noticed Albert. Soon, they talked over the phone and had their first date.

“She wore a casual yellow dress, if I am not mistaken,” reminisced Albert, “we went to one of the malls in Jakarta to have lunch. I still remembered. When I offered her an ice cream after lunch, she said yes without hesitation. I presumed this girl must be very hungry, but later on I found out that she loves ice cream.”

“When we just started dating,” Fiona said, “he told me that he wants to be my last. I had this instinct from that very first conversation that this person was going to be important in my life.”


That’s true.

Albert loves Fiona, but he also loves something else.

Cars, especially the retro/exotic ones.

He spends his days gazing at cars and thinking about modifications ideas. When he meets people with the same passion, he can talk for that person for hours.

He often tells Fiona about his favorite cars while driving. At first, Fiona listened and responded patiently. Then, she pretended to fall asleep.


“It’s a bummer when the relationship stops being all rainbows and butterflies.” Albert said.

As they got to know each other better, they started to question their differences and criticize each other.

In the back of their minds, they hoped the critiques will make them better people. However, having their loved one pointing out the worse out of their every move, they couldn’t help but feeling like you’re being judged unfairly. They couldn’t help but feeling hurt.

“We became so defensive. Thus, we started to lose trust one another and what we care about is to spend more time with our own friends instead of each other,” Albert said.


“That’s when we decided to take a break from our relationship to reflect separately.”


During the break, Albert and Fiona missed each other.

A while later, they decided to start over again.

As their new year resolution, they enrolled themselves to crossfit classes. It turned out they were not a fan of sweats and high intensity workouts.

Then, they took a swing dance class. “We quickly realized we are not good at dancing unless we had a booze beforehand,” said Albert.

They didn’t stop trying until they found the thing they love. One day, they came across a great Groupon deal: a day at a vineyard. After driving for a while, they found themselves enjoying strolling and having great conversations between rows of green trees and sips of authentic wine.

“I remember Fiona accompanying me when I drive for 14 hours straight from San Francisco all the way to Seattle. We only took a break when we have to fill the gas.

I was really happy that she’s there for me.”


“We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs,” Albert said.

Most people are afraid to face the challenges. Surprisingly, the challenging times (LDR era) made Albert and Fiona got to know each other better.

“The distance forced us to really talk about everything under the sun. I try to communicate my needs clearly, and, most importantly, I listen what Fiona wants. I make sure that we understand each other.”

When they understand each other better, they love each other harder.

Albert said, “The right person not only loves us despite our weakness but also inspires us to grow and overcome them. Fiona has shown me the way and fill me up with love that I can share with others, hence I was inspired by her ability to love.”

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