Photography : She Said Yes
Their Meeting was Arranged
The Pre-Wedding of Robert & Merlin by AXIOO
Oct 2017

Being a photographer has its own perks. I’ve got to discover the things other jobs don’t allow me to do. This time, I got a chance to go to Bromo after 10 years. The view, especially the sunrise, was incredible. Just look at the pictures. The beauty is beyond words. Besides witnessing a fantastic view, I also got to hear the story the couple I heard, Robert and Merlin. Their story is quite unique.

Usually, a lot of love stories started with the boy eyeing the girl. That’s not the case with Robert and Merlin. It’s not Robert who see Merlin first. Robert’s father saw Merlin first. He happened to know Merlin’s family so well. So, he asked the family if they’re okay with introducing his son to their daughter. Merlin’s family was okay. They quickly arranged a meeting (plus a dress code: black and white).

The first time Merlin saw Robert, she thinks about how young he looks, just like a high school student. Usually, when it comes to choosing someone to love, both Robert and Merlin are very picky. But, this time, from their very first conversation, the chemistry was so amazing that no more than a week later, they officially dated.

Months later, Robert’s family fly to Merlin’s home town, Pontianak, to ask them if their relationship is serious. They said yes. That’s it. They’re getting married.

Their story reminds me of the quote, “when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”  

Robert, Merlin, the rest of your life officially starts this weekend at your wedding. I hope you both a smooth, beautiful wedding. I also hope you a smoother, more beautiful marriage.



Location: Mt. Bromo, East Java

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