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Playdates, Mommies?
A Collaboration Between Baby Axioo and Hello Flox by AXIOO
Oct 2017

Last weekend, we had a playdate with 20 mommies and their kids (and some of their daddies too). It was a blast! We filled our Axioo house with so many balloons that as soon as the kids entered our house, they smiled and giggled. It made our days!

When everyone’s here, we played a dressup game! We gave the mommies 5 minutes to pick any outfit for the kids, from the tops, the bottoms, to the accessories from Hello Flox. Some of the kids even picked their own outfits!

When the kids walk the catwalk, we could see how different everyone’s styles are. Everyone was adorably stylish and expressive. And, of course, to remember how cute they were that day, we took some pictures in our special photo corner.

Mommies, thank you for spending this Saturday with us. It’s such a joy to meet and play with you and your kids. See you on the next events! Let’s play again soon!

You know what? Feel free to invite your friends (with 4-5 kids) for a playdate like this. You can choose any outfit for your kid from Hello Flox and get the pictures taken by our photographer. We have a really good deal for you! Contact us and ask for the special package via Our team will be in touch soon!


Baby Axioo

P.S. We would like to thank the vendors for your sweet supports. Everyone LOVES all of youyour yummy donuts (@doughdarlings), your beautiful cakes (@whitelilytartlets), your delicious ice creams (@soresore_id), and your refreshing drinks (@oh.m.te). We can’t get enough of you!

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