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10 Creative Things This LDR Couple Do
The Pre-Wedding of Enrico & Irma by Aha
Oct 2017

Enrico & Irma told us a lot about their story. We are amazed at how understanding, how committed, and how sweet they are to each other. We hope these 10 things they do to each other inspire you like they inspire us:


A day after Irma told Enrico how much she love Baci chocolate, Enrico put a lot of Baci chocolates in his car’s glove compartment.


Irma loves salak, but Enrico couldn’t find a single salak in the U.S, so he tricked Irma into bringing a box from Indonesia that secretly had a salak inside. He gave the salak to her along with 237 roses and a video of their story while playing “What Makes You Beautiful” on a piano. Then, he officially asked Irma to be his girlfriend.


Before Irma went back to Indonesia for good, Enrico brought her to her favorite restaurants at every change. He managed to increase Irma’s weight by 16 kg that time. Even so, he still thought that she’s beautiful.


They have three stuffed polar bears. Throughout their LDR, they keep the bears with each other and switch the bears every time they meet.


Every month anniversary, Enrico sends a physical letter to Irma directly from the U.S. He never missed it. Every anniversary, Enrico sends a physical letter but with a missing piece. Irma must go to a website to download the missing piece and print it.


2-month anniversary: Enrico baked 23 cupcakes, spelling “Happy 2 months anniversary” with one letter per cupcake. The cupcakes tasted terrible.


Skiing and falling together.


They said no to many hangouts and events so they can watch their favorite TV series (Game of Thrones) and movies together through FaceTime. They ?counted, “1, 2, 3”, before hitting the ‘play’ button together.


Irma really pays attention to Enrico that she always knows what Enrico need, better than anyone else including himself. She knows when he needs food, new clothes, help, etc.


Enrico told Irma that he booked a fancy restaurant for Saturday night. Knowing his entire family will meet hers soon, Irma thought he’s going to officially propose to her there, but until he took her home, he didn’t. It’s just a diversion.

That night, hours later, at 2 AM, Irma’s brother and their friends help Enrico set up a surprise. He lit up 1,000 candles which spelled, “MARRY ME Y/N.”

Photoshoot locations:

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Paris, France

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