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The Milestones to Remember
Baby Matthew Milestones Portraits by Vania
Sep 2017

We had one wish: to be blessed with a child. We felt like we’re ready.

So, we tried. Then, we tried again, again, and again.

3 months passed, but the pregnancy tests we took said, “negative.” As this was our first, we were anxious. Did we do it right? What if something’s wrong with us? We were very disappointed.

“Don’t think about it. It’s going to happen naturally,” our friends advised us.

Okay, then. So, Bali it was! We flew there for a short getaway. We had a blast!

A month later, the 2 lines that we’ve been hoping for appeared on the pregnancy test. We made it! I’m pregnant! We’re going to have a child soon.

During my maternity period, I’m very very lucky. I heard a lot of morning sickness horror stories. Me? I only had a minor sickness on the first trimester only. The rest of the pregnancy? Easy peasy!

Because of that, we were able to travel quite a bit. People call it a babymoon, but I would rather say it was a trip for my tummy A.K.A. culinary trip. As you’re probably guessing right now, I love love LOVE food. I’m the person who would eat anything everywhere. Fancy and non-fancy food, street food and all sorts of unhealthy junk.

That moment, I realized that whatever I eat, my baby eats too. I wanted the best for my baby. So, I ate healthier. Imagine me eating oatmeal with a banana every single morning of my pregnancy. My husband was so impressed!

As my baby grew inside of me, my body grew too. To be honest, I never felt so fat and puffy. Being the heaviest the I was during the shoot, it was really nice to have a reason to dress up, makeup and look pretty.

Everything felt so fast. Shortly after the shoot, our baby boy was born into the world. We named him Matthew!

I welcomed him into my heart and bid farewell to my beauty sleep. A straight 5 hours sleep became a luxury. (Little advice for mothers-to-be: sleep, sleep, and sleep).

Matthew grew up so fast! Before I knew it, he already waved, smiled, or giggled to everyone, even strangers in the market. Then, he followed what everyone’s doing in the house. Sweeping was his favorite thing to do. My favorite broom beats all his toys.

If you ask me, who does he look like? I think he took after me! I mean, his hobby is snacking whenever wherever, just like his mommy.

I imagine, when he’s older, we would have a lot of culinary adventures!  

I imagine, when he’s older, I will show these pictures to his wife and kids. His first step of life captured so beautifully and kept for memories forever.

I imagine, when I’m older, I will be able to look back and remember these moments. After all, besides my wedding, this is also my once in a lifetime experience.

Plus, I’ll be able to look at a pretty portrait of myself when I had my first-born. So vain, I know. Hahaha.



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