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I Love You
Big Sister Moonella & Baby Brother Marson Portraits by Ave
Sep 2017

When Frozen played in theaters, I raced to the movie theater to watch it. Afterwards, I made all my friends and their kids watch it too (and I tagged along). Hahaha. By the time Frozen finished playing in the cinema, I lost count at how many times I watched it. I never stopped watching even after the trend goes away. Every time I couldn’t sleep, especially on long flights, I watch Frozen until I fall asleep. Moreover, I often played the soundtrack in photo shoots and AXIOO office that my coworkers remember every lyric by heart.

The thing is: Frozen is unlike other fairy tales. Love doesn’t just belong to princes and princesses. True love exists between every family members, especially siblings. True love sometimes means sacrifice, keeping the loved ones safe. As the cute little snowy Olaf said, “some people are worth melting for.”

Moonella and Mars kind of remind me of Frozen. Seeing the way she looked at him in the eyes, I could already tell she really loves him. She kept kissing his cheek and hands. Unlike other older siblings I met, she’s not jealous at all. I can’t wait to see them grow together and have each other’s back!

I am so happy to capture such love in the pictures. I hope, when they grow old, this picture will remind them how far they’ve come in life and how they’ve been together, taking care of each other, since the beginning.



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