Photography : She Said Yes
The Last Sakura
The Pre-Wedding of John & Kezia by AXIOO
Sep 2017

Where would you go on your next vacation? Well, if you’re in doubt, choose to go to Japan. I love everything about Japan—the polite crowd, the culture, the cool cafes, and especially the food! Heck, I even shot my own pre-wedding there. A trip to Japan never fails to make me happy. I’ve been there for many times than I could count.

Last sakura season, my wife, who was pregnant (spoiler: it’s a girl!), came along with me to Japan. In between my photo sessions, I traveled around with her. My favorite place is Shimo-Kitazawa, Tokyo’s hipster area. Right after getting off from the train station, we found ourselves traveling in narrow alleys. On our left and right were unique coffee shops, cool graffiti, vintage clothing stores, and awesome art galleries.

Anyway, let me present you one of my favorite sessions from this trip: John & Kezia’s pre-wedding sessions. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as John, Kezia, and I enjoyed the session.



Location :  Japan

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