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A Letter for Our Son
Baby Fidel Portraits by Baby Axioo
Sep 2017

Dear Fidel,

A lot of parents are ambitious. They dream that their children follows a certain road to success. Well, I guess we are not one of them. Hahaha. When you were in my tummy, your daddy and I dream that you’ll be healthy, smart, and happy.

It turns out you’re not just a happy baby boy, you also bring happiness to everyone around you. When you smile, giggle, and do silly things, everyone feel instantly happy. When you do this and that, you surprise your daddy and I. You grow up so fast!

Well, for you, there are still many years to come. The road is still long. The older you get, the more things you’ll want to know and get. We will always support you. We will have a lot of fun, but we may not always say yes. There will be time when we get really strict and it may hurt your feelings, but, believe us, it’s only to make you understand the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, so when you’re a big boy, you’ll know what to do.

You might not remember today’s photoshoot, but we had so much with Auntie Herna. She turns your photos into canvases so when you look at these pictures, you remember that your life is your canvas. You can paint it with whatever you want. You can be whatever you want when you grow up. Architect? Astronaut? Really, whatever you want.

Fidel, love what you’ll do and do it with all your heart. That’s our dream of you. Just remember, you are and always will be a pirate of our hearts and treasure of our lives.



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