Inspiration: Pre-wedding abroad?
Pre-Wedding Pictures Compilation by AXIOO
Sep 2017

Starting from the time you meet him/her, how many pictures have you taken together? We’re talking about the ones so wonderful that you’re happy with printing them huge and hanging the canvas at your living room.

Now, before you officially tie the knot and start thinking about filling the houses with furnitures all the time, why not going all out, making this relationship phase memorable? Enjoy your last single days to the fullest.

“Since it’s not a country you live in, having a pre-wedding abroad will not be only about taking great pictures. It’s also about the one time adventure you have as a couple,” said our photographer, Aha, “The stories will be more unique. The memories will be sweeter.”

Imagine looking back at those moments and retelling them to your grandchildren. It’s the one thing you would treasure.

Okay. Let’s start with a tiny detail! Where should we take off? Since our photographers have traveled around on their jobs, constantly looking for other great places to shoot, I asked a few of them about the best places.  

“If you’re into quiet, hilly landscape, you would love Hallstatt (Austria) and New Zealand,” said Paulus.

“I recommend Paris and Prague. There’s something classic and romantic about these cities,” said Aha, “Oh, and Japan too! The sakura is very pretty. Their alleys are unique. Japan is way more than sakura. The older cities, like Kyoto, have their own charm.”

“Choose one or two places that are meaningful to both of you, nevermind what other people say. Research together. You’ll find your version of the perfect place,” added Aha.  

But, wait! Before your start googling the pictures, don’t expect your pictures to be as captivating as google’s pictures. Paulus reminded us, “(Pictures we find on google are) the best case scenario. For example, if we go to one place for the blooming tulips or beautiful sunsets, we could arrive there on closed petals or cloudy days.”

However,  even though our expectations weren’t met, the place still sets the mood. If we keep our chins up and make the best of the moment, we would still come home to great pictures and unforgettable stories. In the end, the memories matter the most.



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