Photography : Family
Family Comes First
Supit’s Family Portraits by Vania
Sep 2017

“I want to have my own phone,” said little EJ, the youngest member of the Supit family. For a moment, I thought he’s about to explain something about his favorite game, but he explained, “so I can chat my family when we’re separated.” Awww. He’s so sweet! He wished to get closer to his family.

“We’re so close with our children. If we don’t meet our children for just a day, we can feel it in our heart. We miss them so much,” said the father, Edward, “We spend most of our times together like there’s no tomorrow.” Hearing this and seeing how much they enjoyed their time here, to be honest, it felt like the Supits spending a family quality time together through the photo session.

It’s such an honor to capture their warmth. Everything about them reminds me about this meaningful quote I love: Family is not important thing. Family is everything.



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