The Perfect Dress
The Wedding of Wendy & Gunawan by Aha
Aug 2017

The bride’s smile shone as warm as the Balinese sun. Worn around her figure was her white wedding dress, its patterned beadings twinkle like her eyes.  

The moment we saw Wendy in her wedding dress, we knew she’s wearing her version of the most perfect wedding dress. The way the dress glimmers along with her beauty let us know that whoever designed the dress paid a close attention to Wendy and went through long hours of labour of love.

Over the dresses we’ve seen on thousands of weddings for over 15 years, Wendy’s dress is one of our favorite dresses. When we asked around about the dress, we found out that the dress is designed by one of our friends, Yogie Pratama.

Not long after the wedding day, we had a little chat with the designer himself. Here’s how it went:

Where did you get the inspiration to design Wendy’s dress?

We’re inspired by Wendy’s character and her body figure.


What was Wendy’s personality trait that inspired you to design the dress?

Wendy’s easygoing personality inspires us. It’s her most dominant trait that makes her shine. She completely believes in us to design for her so we can create a dress that accentuates her beauty.


What do you love the most about the dress?

We love everything about the dress, but we love the embroidery and the applications (the beadings) the most.


How long was the entire designing and sewing process?

It took around 3 months to create her dress; from designing it from sketch to adding the finishing touches.


Can you share more tips and tricks to choose the right wedding dress?

To choose the right wedding dress, you need to know and love your body. That’s the only trick that you need to know.

Location :  Bali

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