Photography : Family
A Wake-Up Call
Shirley & Wanda's Family Portrait by Ivan
Aug 2017

On a normal work day (and sometimes the weekend too), my phone always rings. I like to play a game with myself. Before I look at my phone’s screen, I guess who calls me: someone from AXIOO, one my businesses, or one of random credit card companies. So little time. So much to do.


Everything gets crazy sometimes that, one time, I missed my daughter’s dance performance. Later, from the video, I saw that she dances like her mommy. I’m so proud of her, but I had to fix something urgent that day. I hope she and her sister would understand: everything I do, I do it for them and their mommy. So, every day, before leaving my kids, I said to them that I’m leaving for work. Still, I don’t think it’s enough. I don’t want to miss their entire childhood.


One day, my phone rang for what it seemed to be the millionth time. My guess: someone from a credit card company called. When I saw my phone, no name flashed on my screen, only numbers. When I picked up, it turned out to be someone from AXIOO, informing me about my next photo session. She said, “a family of 15.”


I couldn’t believe my ears. I asked her to repeat the number until, I thought, she was pissed. Finding time for my family of 4 is very challenging. Finding time for a family of 15? Now, that’s crazy.


On the day of the photoshoot, each member of the family really interacts with each other—parents catching up with their siblings (and sibling-in-laws), children playing with their cousins, and no one answering calls. Honestly, it felt like a Christmas Eve came early.


I was amazed at their commitments to drop everything and make memories with their family. I was very inspired. After the photo session finished, I picked up my phone to call my wife and my siblings. I’m organizing a big family reunion. It’s been a while.





PS: Thank you for your trust, Shirley and Wanda! It’s an honor to capture your family’s moments.

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