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If you don’t like getting your picture taken..
Eric and Alexandra Prewedding by Paulus
Aug 2017

The groom-to-be, Eric, told me that he hated getting his picture taken, which is why I was surprised when he booked me as his pre-wedding photographer. When I asked him about it, he said, “You’re my friend! I’m comfortable getting my pictures taken with you.”


That time, we didn’t only talk about the mural I commissioned him for my house, our favorite comic books, and everything about Marvel. We also talked about the pre-wedding shoot concept. Even Eric went an extra mile to add more depth to the concept. He painted the blue background!


As a result, the pictures captured their vibe. No fake smiles. No fake postures. Everything was natural. Their personalities really shows in every shot. After this photoshoot, the couple love getting their pictures taken.


If you’re feeling uncomfortable getting your picture taken, try to open up to the photographer. Find a common ground, then try to make friends. From that point, I’m sure, not only having amazing pictures, you would get a new friend.




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