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Little Girls, Big Adventures
Baby Jacqueline Portraits by Herna
Aug 2017

Little girls, especially little Jacqueline, are the sweetest thing in the world. Their eyes gleam with amazement when they discover something new. Their tiny fingers always reaching out as if they can’t wait to explore the world. When they find something delightful, they giggle with so much joy that I can’t help to laugh too. When they come across something terrible, they cry with their hearts that I feel their pain and do everything to make her world wonderful again. Maybe that’s why most parents hold their daughters with strict rules, to protect their daughters from harm.

Daddy Jeff and mommy Cynthia are the opposite definitions of protective parents. They don’t say “don’t”s to a lot of things. Instead, they flash a proud smile and praise her when she explores, then blanket her with warm hugs when she cries. For them, this photo shoot provides their baby daughter a new experience, a part of their lesson to explore fearlessly.

I can imagine baby Jacqueline growing up to be a brave woman who will travel to the most wonderful corners of the world. She’ll have delightfully insightful conversations with strangers. Most importantly, she’ll dare to love anyone.



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